Austin Trail of Lights Santa-Saurus

This was our first job working for the Austin Trail of Lights. The Foundation came to us looking for help restoring their beloved Santa-Saurus. While no one really knows how old it is, our best guess and fuzzy memories put it anywhere between 20 to 30 years olds. And the age was starting to show. The old hard coating was cracking, the inner structure was delaminating, and the weight of the head and neck had turned the base of the neck to mush after decades of cracking and patching.

Every crack was filled and patched and the inner structure was fixed and shored up. We also added a back foot that had gone missing, and reengineered the support system for neck so now a cable supports the weight. A new elastomeric hard coat was applied, and we repainted the sculpture in tints of green closer to its original palette. And we just had to add a cute Teddy Bear to the bag of toys!