Austin Trail of Lights Jack-A-Lope

We had a unique restoration opportunity for the Austin Trail of Lights. This 20′ tall Jack-A-Lope was commissioned for the trail in 2013, but was never fully realized and poorly executed. The sculpture was too skinny in spots, and too bulky in others. The feet were hastily cut off since it could not fit out of the door were it was originally sculpted. And the sculpture’s hard coat began to fail soon after it was first displayed.

All of the original hard coat had to be removed, and we began to fill and resculpt the giant sculpture where it was needed. The original, unsightly cowboy was removed and a new proportional cowboy was hand sculpted to match the style of the existing jackalope. All components were properly hard coated and repainted. We even added the missing light up nose originally envisioned by the projects designer DJ Stout of Pentagram Designs.