Austin Trail of LIghts Candyland Interior

To complete the Trail of Lights Candyland experience, we designed and fabricated an immersive, interactive experience. After walking through the gingerbread portal, guests are treated with free candy samples from both the Plinko board and the Candy machine. We built an 8′ tall display tree complete with a rotating candy sign and hidden storage in the base that was decorated for the trail by the Candy Jar.

Every inch of the tent interior was decorated. The walls were covered with over 400 square feet of giant candy prints. We also hand carved over 50 giant candies and cookies that hung from the ceiling and down the walls. All of the interior tent supports were hidden with 8′ tall candy cane columns. And the rest of the space was filled with drapery and soft Christmas lighting.

On the way out of the tent, guest would get to view local candy makers forming their treats. For this we utilized modular steel panels with aluminum faces that can be easily assembled into a corral and then broken down for storage. To showcase the different featured candy makers, we designed and painted a candy sign with a chalkboard face.