Giant Rubik’s Cube

This giant Rubik’s Cube was fabricated for a private residence. The 48″ X 48″ cube was made from plywood, MDO, aluminum, and plastic. Though it is static and not solvable, the colors were patterned after a real cube and could actually be solved in only five moves.

Austin Community College Custom Stages

Austin Community College needed custom built stages for their annual student produced fashion show. We fabricated the stage and platform to their specifications, and designed them to break down into 10 separate components to aid in transportation and storage. 24 large gears we also made to decorate the stage and serve as custom tabletops.

Casa Brasil SXSW Puppets

High Beam Events and SXSW needed two giant promotional puppets, and they needed them in two weeks. We were given a concept drawing, which was modified to the version below to accommodate both the time table and budget. The custom sculpted heads are supported with a lightweight internal armature, and secured to the puppeteer with a comfortable […]